Friday, May 6, 2011

Say hello to Construct Classic

Many users were disappointed by the abandonment of Construct 0.x, although this decision might have been an inevitable step for Scirra.

With the responsibility for the further development of the original Construct in the community's hand, one could only wonder if the software would be seeing any major updates at all from this point on.

All doubt can be set aside once and for all, now that there's a new major Construct build out, which is even complimented by a new name: Construct Classic.

Let me tell you the changlelog is long, very long! Most notable changes concern physics and platform behavior, but also so many improvements in other departments. My favorite three changes straight from the log:

[FIX]Platform: fixed a bug where sometimes a platform movement object could land a pixel or 2 above the floor(lucid)
[ADD]Physics: Added a Destroy Hinges action to remove hinges(lucid)
[ADD] ".persist" files can now be disabled via the preferences dialog. (R0J0hound)

Just awesome! The three Construct users who made all this possible are lucid, R0j0hound and tulamide. Thanks you guys for all the hard work in improving the original Construct even further. It would have been a shame if such a great piece of software was left out in the cold.

This is a great excuse to get busy again with some gamedev, so go ahead and download Construct Classic r1 from the official thread.

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