Thursday, March 31, 2011

Game spotlight #002: Mini Ghost Hunter

There aren't that many games done in Construct sporting RPG elements. In fact I would have to do some research to name any right now. Good thing 7Soul made 'Mini Ghost Hunter' for the  Ludum Dare 19 competition. In only 48 hours he managed to include a skill and battle system, as well as leveling mechanics.

Also impressive is the very fitting tiny pixelart, which makes the game visually appealing in its own right. It's hard not to like this look if you consider yourself a retro lover or ahem, indie nerd.

There may be a few quirks, but nothing that can take away from the pleasing experience that Mini Ghost Hunter ultimately is. Just imagine what that 7Soul guy can bring to the table without being time restricted. I would like more of that please!

Mini Ghost Hunter @ Ludum Dare
Mini Ghost Hunter @ Scirra forum

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