Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Buy Construct 2 now!

As announced the new release 51 of Construct 2 introduces the licensing model, which comes as cheap as 32$ for the standard edition. Needless to say that I grabbed one right away. And while some people might decide to hold out and wait for future developments (the cry for an exe exporter is still everlasting), I think it's a nice way to show your support for the great guys over at Scirra by becoming an early adopter.

Not to mention a bunch of really cool new features in the current C2 version, most notably the wait action, which lets you create delayed actions easily. Also great is the added slope-handling of the Platform movement and the arrival of unbounded scrolling. I'm not even getting into the plethora of bugfixes.

On the downside one could argue that there are now limitations that come with C2, if you decide not to buy a license for now and use the free edition. You'll be limited to 100 events and 4 layers, which should still be enough to do a fair amount of prototyping and beyond.

If you have a little cash lying around, I'd make the case that you could find a worse investment than Construct 2. It might still lack in terms of features, but useability and stability of the software already promise a bright future, which will see it surpass Construct Classic easily. Also HTML5 will gain importance rapidly, one recent sign being Google using the technology for games in their social network.

Still undecided? It can't hurt to head over to Scirra and check out the different versions they are offering. Oh, did I mention that C2 comes with graphics and audio assets now?


  1. Early adopter here, too. :)

    Freaking amazing application. Scirra guys are beyond competent.

  2. I'm an early adopter, even though I have no interest in web games as of now. Also I am one that "cries" for the exe exporter. My game is planned to be an exe and is really overkill for a web game (it's a JRPG kind of game, and it's long and rather heavy for a web game). They said there will be an exe, but after they are done with HTML5 one. I dunno how long that will take, but C2 is far the best out there. Someone has to be pretty dense to not see this, yes?