Tuesday, August 16, 2011

It's not even a game.

Without a doubt Construct is best known for being a game maker. Due to Construct Classic's versatility, it's also perfect for other tasks. Like little or not so little apps. Let me prove my point with three pieces of Construct-made software, which recently appeared on the official Scirra forums.

'Boom' lets you procedurally generate trees in all kinds of variations. You can actually watch the thing grow from the stem up to it's beautiful blossoms. Tulamide did an awesome job with this! Very cool to look at and can actually turn out quite useful for some unique game assets.

Another useful tool, or in fact we are talking two tools: 'FlareGEN' and 'FlashGEN'. Which both are pretty similar (hey Somebody, why not put the complete functionality in one single program?) and let you create nice little flare and flash effect graphics with the ease of adjusting a few sliders.

How about a game maker made with a game maker - well, almost. Chrisbrobs brings you 'Match 3 game builder', which allows you to get a bit 'bejeweled' according to your own liking. Just import your graphics and totally customize the appearance of the game.

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